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Theres some conflicting info on this forum regarding daily iron supplements to combat low ferritin on TRT. There was an excellent and detailed post on raising ferritin fast, but thats not my intent at the moment.

i decided on “Ferrochel Iron Chelate - 27mg Iron Bisglycinate Supplement” i found on amazon. Im aware other variations are discussed on here, but there didnt seem any clear pros or cons on any choices.

this supplement provides 150%mg daily dose. there is a short term need, i think, for this daily dose. Im unsure about long term/constant daily dosing. I read one thread on here suggesting 140mg daily, but i prefer a conservative approach.

im also unsure if these supplements significantly increase hematocrit by themselves, or perhaps only at substantially higher doses.…its desirable to avoid this.

id appreciate pointers to relevant info i missed, or suggestions borne out of experience
”conservative approach” is the key phrase here…..
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