iron deficiency

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  1. J

    Iron/Ferritin Issues

    Hi all, for the last year or so ive been having issues related to iron. THis started by me having 4 phlebotomies over the space of a few months to reduce my haemocrit down from 56% Since then Id been getting symptons of low ferritin like brain fog, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and in...
  2. S

    Iron supplement dosage?

    Theres some conflicting info on this forum regarding daily iron supplements to combat low ferritin on TRT. There was an excellent and detailed post on raising ferritin fast, but thats not my intent at the moment. i decided on “Ferrochel Iron Chelate - 27mg Iron Bisglycinate Supplement” i found...
  3. S

    What Would A Doctor Typically Do With HIGH RBC And Low Iron & Ferritin

    I've been on TRT for about 3 years now. I've been taking 140mg of Test Cyp (weekly) for a very long time. I was donating blood rather consistently during those 3 years. Oddly enough during my last blood donation around October 2021 I haven't recovered. Both Iron and Ferritin sit exactly at 2...
  4. madman

    Different Types of Iron Deficiency

    Iron deficiency is one of the leading contributors to the global burden of disease, and particularly affects children, premenopausal women, and people in low-income and middle-income countries. Anaemia is one of many consequences of iron deficiency, and clinical and functional impairments can...
  5. A

    Does Iron do more with thyroid than help convert T4 to T3?

    I read someone in another thread mention that without enough iron, T3 can’t get into the cell. I’m familiar with the usual things you’d read on Thyroid and iron levels, and am wondering if anybody would know if it was involved in more than just helping convert T3 to T4 in an abstract way, and...
  6. Systemlord

    Iron Supplementation and Iron Testing Questions?

    A world doesn't exist where I'm on TRT and not supplementing iron, 6 weeks ago my ferritin was 24, iron 42 and started supplementing iron. Today my ferritin was measured at 88 and yesterday was forced to increase the daily dosage of iron do to symptoms of iron deficiency returning after reaching...
  7. G

    High HCT low iron

    It seems I must go donate some blood. My hematocrit is 50%. However, my MCV and MCH are slightly low, indicating a iron deficiency. My MCV and MCH were low before ever starting trt, and I had a borderline low iron level years prior, without finding the reason. After seeing several doctors, and a...
  8. Systemlord

    Need suggestions for supplementing iron and ferritin?

    I started supplementing iron in the beginning of May do to discovering an borderline iron deficiency upon starting TRT and a worsening iron deficiency two and a half years later. I started supplementing 325mg iron daily and 28mg ferritin and 4 weeks later scored an iron 81 and ferritin 80 and...
  9. Systemlord

    Could it really be that simple, an iron deficiency the cause of all my problems...?

    As many of you know I have had a lot of strange symptoms since I started TRT, from red burning itchy dry skin, rashes or hives on legs, decades long chronic cough with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. It seems the higher I push my TRT dosage, the symptoms keep piling on, diarrhea...
  10. G

    Will breaking up the dose into 2-3 weekly injections help with Hematocrit?

    I've been dealing with multiple issues with high H and H numbers and iron deficiency. In just the first 6 months on TRT I've needed 5 phlebotomies and probably need another. I am also iron deficient and needed 2 infusions to recover only to turn around and require more phlebotomies. At this...
  11. G

    Interesting and uncommon study on Iron Deficiency and its effects on LH, FSH, Testosterone before and after Iron infusion IV.

    I have been hunting for research on iron deficiency and its link to low testosterone and found one that may be of interest to some here on the forum. Intravenous iron replacement therapy in eugonadal males with iron-deficiency anemia: Effects on pituitary gonadal axis and sperm parameters; A...
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