Iodine Testing


Whats up guys,

Anyone have an iodine blood test to see if iodine supplementation would be beneficial for your thyroid or just pissing away money on something not necessarily needed? Looks like there is a blood and urine test, the urine being more expensive then the blood serum test. I have trying to raise my T3 through diet and exercise, but started to record how much selenium, tyrosine and iodine I was getting as well to see if that could bump it up without taking medication.

Latest Labs:

T4, free - 1.30 ng/dL (.82 - 1.77)
TSH - 1.060 uIU/mL (.450 - 4.5)
Reverse T3 - 14.3 ng/dl (9.2 - 24.1)
T3, free - 3.0 pg/mL (2.0 - 4.4)
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