Injectable Methylcobalamin Refrigeration Question

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How long would you guys think injectable methylcobalamin which states to keep refrigerated will stay good for outside of refrigeration? Why does it need to be refrigerated in the first place?
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I know that it needs to be protected from light, which is why it normally comes in brown colored glass bottles, but I see conflicting reports on the need for refrigeration. From what I read, it depends upon how it was compounded. Or in other words, some formulations do not need to be refrigerated and some do. Does yours indicate either way on the bottle?


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After getting home and looking it is from APS pharmacy and it doesn't say to refrigerate. Anyone else get b12 from them?


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I've been told by two pharmacists that it is a mistake to refrigerate injectable B-12. they also offered that it can be used up to three months after expiration date.


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I was just going to chime in that checking with the pharmacy is always the best spot to start with, as they'll have the information first hand.
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