Hormone fluctuation depending on the dose frequency.

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I spotted few months ago, when I ran 40mg test enanthate (250mg/ml grapeseed oil) EOD, my level of test and e2 was significantely lower 48hrs after injection then few hrs after.

Now I am on 20mg test enan. (100mg/ml in castrol oil - for slowing realese) ED. I tought the level will be really stable, but I find that my test level after 3-4hrs after injection is 700 and after 24hrs is 550. Lets say after 6hrs it should be somewhere in 800?? It is stil big fluctuating on ED aplication.

Now I do not know what level should I count with.
Low 10 shbg still brain fog, hot flashes, tiredness..

Do you know your fluctuation during time before applications?
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