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Male mid-40s, 5'9", 198lbs, initial labs (Uro ordered) showed test level at 208.

Need help with steps I can take on my own to improve overall or bring to my Uro to review.

First time posting labs here so let me know if there's any info missed that would be helpful.

Protocol (Uro prescribed) - 200mg Test C every 7 days (typically Sat) & Anastrozole .5mg on injection day. No HCG or other meds related to low T

Labs completed 3 days after injection provided #s below.
Test Total 1158 H
Estrodial 65 H
RBC 6.42
RDW 18.9
MCV 76.6
MCH 25.0
Hemoglobin 5.3
Cholesterol total 230 H
Cholesterol HDL 42L
Cholesterol LDL 164 H
Non-HDL Cholesterol 188 H
PLease enter the lab range for Estradiol test that you had, you may have, likely had, a test for females that overestimates levels in males.
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@Vince Carter thanks for the reply bother.

I had two sets of labs ordered recently, one set from my Uro and the other from my PCP - there was some overlap on labs ordered by each doc. I'll post the results from both as I noticed there are differences on the exact item tested - both labs were done same day.

Uro results
Total Test 1247 (range 250 - 827)
Estradiol 48 (range < OR = 39)
Hemoglobin 16 g/dl (range 13.2 - 17.1)
Hematocrit 47.8% (range 38.5 - 50.0)

PCP results
Cholesterol total 230 mg/dl (range <200 mg/dl)
Cholesterol HDL 42 mg (range >40mg/dl)
Cholesterol LDL 164 H (range <100)
CHOL/HDLC ratio 5.5 (desirable less than 5.0)
Non-HDL Cholesterol 188 mg/dl (range 130 mg/dl)
Red Blood Cell 6.36 M/uL (range 4.20 - 5.80)
MCV 76.6 (range 80 - 100 iL)
MCH 25 (range 27.0 - 33.0 pg)
RDW 18.9 (range 11.0 - 15.0%)
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Thanks again for the response.

That's still high and I'd like to bring both the total test and estradiol amount down. Levels down.

Will this possibly improve if I go to two shots of 100mg twice a week? Same level of test now but split to two injections? Also, anything you would recommend on bringing the estradiol down or will it come down with the split dosage weekly?

Would you personally go with 100mg 2x a week or dial it down to 100mg once a week?

Many questions, sorry, but my Uro is simply not knowledgeable enough on this.
We ask a basic question" what elevated E problems are you having? So far you haven't addressed a problem besides a number on a lab test which isn't a problem in and of itself. it's generally poor advice to treat solely based on a number.