HCG Problems

Hello. The last few months I have issues with the HCG, it lasts very few days until it starts to loose potency(I can say for sure it does). Either the HCG quality has been reduced or the quality of the bacteriostatic water I used. Before it lasted 21 days before starting to loose potency which was fine for me, but now it is like 5-6 days and I need to dissolve a new one... So this gets a bit expensive although HCG here is relatively cheap.

Which is the MOST OPTIMAL fridge temperature to store it?

What preserves HCG better - bacteriostatic water or bacteriostatic sodium chloride(with alcohol included)?

Can you recommend me some good one that can be ordered online from USA, UK it doesnt matter....

Im considering to try some HCG from UGL labs because they have 1000 units vials and the pharmaceutical Choriomon I use is 5000 units...

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