bacteriostatic water

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  1. A

    Can sterile water be used to reconstitute HCG?

    Bacteriostatic water is not available here, nobody knows what bacteriostatic water is. And there are few available online but not reputed source and it can contain anything and I don't want to risk the HCG. So, my question is can I use sterile water to reconstitute HCG, is there a way to keep...
  2. I

    HCG reduced indurance

    I have an issue with HCG - either I have developed tolerance to it either the quality of the compound I use got deteriorated. I use Choriomon brand(Eastern Europe). When the issues started the compound was returned to the pharmacies in the country after being absent for several months and I also...
  3. I

    HCG Problems

    Hello. The last few months I have issues with the HCG, it lasts very few days until it starts to loose potency(I can say for sure it does). Either the HCG quality has been reduced or the quality of the bacteriostatic water I used. Before it lasted 21 days before starting to loose potency which...
  4. I

    HCG endurance issues

    Hello. Since Im on TRT(started end of 2019) I've always used the same brand of HCG(commercial, not compounded) and used the same bacteriostatic water from a person selling gear that I know. I have always injected 100 ui a day always dissolving 5000 units of HCG in 3cc of bact water(easy for me...
  5. J

    How long does Bacteriostatic water last refrigerated?

    So I have heard various conflicting information regarding this from my clinic and also other clinics and forums for TRT here in the UK. I have a 30ml bottle of Bac water that I have had from November last year, i use it to mix my HCG. People say it only lasts 30 - 60 days when first used? But...
  6. K

    Best practice for keeping bacteriostatic water good over time?

    So my HCG has arrived, but it arrived with sodium chloride and in glass ampules to boot. My time with them didnt go well. I have 4x5000iu vials which should last me awhile. I had to order some bacteriostatic water. Without thinking I ordered 30ml worth with the intention of using 2ml per...
  7. J

    Why can't I buy bacteriostatic water locally?

    I've been using a bottle of bacteriostatic water that expired in May 2018, although it was opened before that and I'd rather not continue to use it. I've looked online and it's just under $12 shipped. GoodRx has coupons for CVS and RiteAid, but neither of them can order it. Does anyone know what...
  8. M

    Can I Make My Own Bacteriostatic Water?

    Since I can't find Bacteriostatic water, I want to make my own from sterile water and Benzyl Alcohol. I have purchased a 10 ml vial of sterile water for injection and already have a 50ml vial of Benzyl Alcohol so this was my plan. To make 10ml of bacteriostatic water I will draw 9.91 ml of...
  9. Markee

    HCG and Bacteriostatic water question ?

    Wondering if its OK to re-use an opened multi dose Bacteriostatic water bottle when mixing HCG or do i need to open a new one each time and also i have a few unopened bottles expiration dated 2015 does the stuff go bad or can I still use it use it ?
  10. O

    Bacteriostatic Water shelf life

    How long is he shelf life on a standard 30ml bottle once you start using it?
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