Glutathione Injections from Empower Pharmacy

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Would appreciate any input on using Glutathione peptide. I am 67 and have Hashimotos so thinking this may be beneficial to add to my regimen. Trying to find dosing and frequency of doses. Empower has 200mg/ml, 30ml vial. What is shelf life in refrigerator for “preserved” vs “preservative free”? I haven’t done the Glutathione lab test from Discounted Labs yet but when I do, will LabCorp have a reference range so I can adjust dosing to reach an optimum level? I currently subq test cyp 40 mg e3d, and HCG 350iu eod. This is my 1st post as I have always been able to research everything to gain my answers. Thank you for any responses. P.S. Excelmale, Discounted Labs and Empower Pharmacy has forever changed my life.
I think that you'd be better served with trying an oral supplement that something injectable that is going to cost you much more than an oral preparation. Compared to as well the $147.00 test you reference.
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From what I researched by the time the orals are processed by the stomach and liver not much is left to do much to the immune system. Orals were my first consideration, but I’m trying to lower my anti-peroxidase levels. Thanks thou!
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Both my wife and I take it. It does’nt work like any other drug out there. What it does is increase your endorphin levels. So those with lower endorphins will benefit more than those who naturally have higher levels. One thing both myself and wife noticed is that it reduced both of our levels of snoring. I cannot find any research to validate this but can say that I have seen this personally. Endorphins help to regulate your immune system, that’s the main benefit. Go to , there’s tons of info along with practicitioners from all over the world that have seen the benefits first hand. I make my own LDN by diluting a crushed 50 mg naltrexone tablet inti 50ml of distilled water then pass it through a single serve Milita coffee filter to remove all fillers. Costs me about $60/yr. I also only need about 90 mg of test cyp a week so to maintain slightly over 1000 total test levels, can’t verify if that’s because of LDN or not but have read on here that others have had these results. I also go into REM sleep extremely fast at night which I feel is related to LDN. Nocturnal erections are off the chart with my protocol so whatever I am doing is working.
Some people are not able to convert NAC to glutathione. NAC is good to get to 'baseline' but if your baseline isn't naturally high you won't achieve high levels of glutathione. It also seems to be limited by how much glycine is present in the body:

Whey is actually a good method to boost levels.

Yes, L-glutathione isn't highly bioavailable but this randomized controlled study showed that long term supplementation did eventually boost levels: Randomized controlled trial of oral glutathione supplementation on body stores of glutathione. - PubMed - NCBI

Probably could take the L-gluta reduced powder sublingually and boost the levels even more or just take at least 1g a dose. It's very cheap in bulk.

You can also make your own subq shots easy enough. L-gluta is soluble in at about 150mg per 1ml of sterile water.

You can also look into s-acetyl glutahione. This is supposed to be a far more bioavailable form and some studies do show that. It's expensive however.
Would appreciate any input on using Glutathione peptide.
Hi Bill, If you are going to self-administer Glutathione, I would recommend the IM route as being safer than IV, (apologies if you are trained in IV or someone else will do it for you). I recall a conversation with a doctor who stated that there is little difference between the 2 routes and IM is as effective and safer. Having said all that, I didn't notice any effect whatsoever. Could be I didn't have a strong enough dosage or too infrequent dosage. As I recall, easily available dosages were 600mg, 1200mg and 1800 mg. Best of luck with your health. Namaste.