Global shortage of estradiol


The Guardian is reporting a global shortage of estradiol. This affects both HRT and contraception. The focus of the article is on a current shortage in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps disruption of the supply chain by covid-19, perhaps something else.

"The affected products are distributed by a number of companies in Australia, including Novartis Pharmaceuticals – responsible for Estradot and Estalis Sequi; Bayer – responsible for Climara and Angeliq; and Pfizer, which is responsible for all the contraceptive products now unavailable or in short supply.

"The causes of the shortages are mysterious, with neither the Therapeutic Goods Administration nor the distributors able to provide a clear explanation for the shortages. It is apparently not related to the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

"According to information supplied by the distributors to the TGA, the popular Estradot patch will be unavailable until September and Estalis Sequi until July, while Climara is expected to be available from late this month."


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It may not be related, but recently I tried to order testosterone undecanoate from a pharmacy in India.

They said no orders till maybe June 2nd because of the lock down in India.

So it wasn't demand, it was lack of supply and where it was produced.