Getting a sigmoidectomy

Anyone here ever have a partial or total colectomy? I’m probably going to have a sigmoidectomy within the next 2 months for several bouts of complicated diverticulitis. Any experiences would be appreciated.

David House

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I had about 2/3's of my colon removed 10 years because of 2 polyps. One showed signs of cancer and the other looked like a mucus blob. They removed the ascending and transverse section of my colon leaving only the descending section. The biggest challenge is because the colon is a wick to remove liquid from the bowel that I now experience loose stool constantly. The doctor never conveyed this as a symptom so I take fiber pills (5 - 3x daily). I was also prescribed Colestipol by my upper GI doctor. Hopefully your surgery will not be as extensive as mine.
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