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Hello everyone,

I haven't been on AAS in over year since trying to conceive with my S/O and I recently got a S.A done to find out my numbers are pretty bad:

Sperm Count, Semen
Your value
<2.0 M/ml

I had some additional blood work done since I'm trying to pinpoint whether my pct failed which included the typical Clomid/Nolv for 30 days to find 8 months later my Test levels are higher end still with no TRT or AAS:

Testosterone, Total
968 ng/dL
Standard range
240-899 ng/dL

After reseaching on this forum I asked my doctor for a LH/FSH test only to find out:

Your value
14.9 mIU/mL
Standard range
1.5 -9.3 mIU/mL

Your value
11.2 mIU/mL
1.4 -18.1 mIU/mL

My LH values are not within avg range while my FSH value seems to be ok but still on the higher side of normal.

I wondering should I start a protocol of HCG to try to get my count up or should I go with HCG/HMG with my current numbers?

As of right now am taking all the recommended vitamins to increase my count and motility.
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FSH is what's need for the stimulation and production of sperm.
I have a phone appt. with urologists who specializes in fertility next week. Should I ask

for HMG/FSH prescription? even with my levels in normal range?

If he decides to not write one.

I have some HMG ordered from source found on this board. I'm not sure about shipping times etc.. I started taking 500 UI's of HCG EoD and I have 25mg's on Clomid onhand.
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