ExcelMale members thoughts on dim?

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Maybe it was yellow at first as flushing out the bad estrogens?

I will give it another go again

But maybe start at a lower dose 100 mg instead of 200 and slowly increase
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Maybe it’s the dim flushing out the bad estrogen?

Gave blood tonight think my rbc was little high

Thinking maybe that causing the headaches

Will see how I feel in a week then try dim again


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The nuke one should be here first so will try that first Vince at 150 a day and see how I feel and then maybe try 2 caps : 300 mg a day

Was thinking of trying dim and cdg at same time

But would prefer to try one supp at a time

First dim and see how I feel

I tryed cdg and was ok then went downhill and was only 1000 mg a day

Might try dim
Only and see how I go maybe add some cdg but a very low dose of 250/500 with the dim

But one thing at a time

I’ve tryed zinc and see ok for a day or 2 then things go bad

Can make me feel miserable that’s doses around 50 pico

Or even 20mg
What did you notice from the cdg?


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I think maybe my estrogen was low already or not on the high side

From cdg I got a quick boost of libido then dropped off the next day

Then bad head aches and kinda brain fog and wiped out

Same as what I got from dim

But was taken with high dose of zinc

So might be a mixture of to much who knows

I’m trying a new thing at at the moment and I’m feel better already

Will keep to it and get bloods and go from there and maybe try dim again

Give it ago is all u can do

Vince seems to be ok on it

I’ve got a mate who is running that gat test booster while he is natural with the dim in

And feels amazing
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