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Wes Hart

New Member
I'm really not trying to start a hate thread about them. I found Talon in San Antonio, their price per vial was $73.78 and ground shipping $11.00! I thought the shipping to be pretty high--but the other pharmacies in Houston that I called were like, $130, $145 and some didn't even carry it.

Empower will get their act together, hopefully.
My prescription was well packed took 4 days to get to my house I'm very impressed with this because of the flooding situation in TX but I would understand if there were delays. Package also came with alcohol wipes and needles (next time I will see if I can get 27-30GA 1/2" 1cc). The only thing I could say could be improved is alcohol wipes could be a little higher quality but they are included and work. Overall I am very happy with my experience so far and will definitely continue to use Empower Pharmacy.
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Does anyone know if the free needles & alcholol wipes are still a thing with empower?


Ya same. I’m definitely gonna at least ask next time for the free syringes though when I order my test cyp. Worth a shot
Empower had been my preferred choice for HCG (via Defy Medical) for a while, but it seems like that their service has declined.

The last 2 shipments came with a new mixing syringe with a more fragile needle; obviously of a cheaper make. They also stopped including alcohol pads and any supporting documentation.

You've got to be very careful with the new syringe or the needle could obviously bend/break.
Ya not getting anything from Empower either. May be a perk of buying direct and NOT a part of ordering through a clinic, like Defy.

Ya same. I’m definitely gonna at least ask next time for the free syringes though when I order my test cyp. Worth a shot

I think that may be a perk for you Nelson.

I get T cyp from Empower and have never received any free supplies other than mixing syringe for HCG

Yes, they still send free supplies.

Found this on empowers website.

“Free Supplies. We provide all the necessary supplies such as syringes, alcohol wipes, needles and reconstitution kits (prescription required). We also give our patients complimentary instruction pamphlets and documents. This translates to significant money savings and peace of mind that patients are administering their medications properly.”

Can be found towards the bottom of this page Licensure | Empower Pharmacy

Just a FYI for any of those who want to see about getting your free supplies on your next order.

Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Wondering if Empower pumping that much money into a new compounding facility is a good sign that the FDA will not be regulating them?
It’s a sign that they will fight with whatever it takes to stay in business. The bigger you grow, the more regulators are after you.
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