Elevated DHT levels...prostate...@Dr Justin Saya MD


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@Dr. Justin Saya MD, what are your concerns with elevated DHT and the prostate? You've implied in other threads that there could be problems. I'd like your take on why there is cause for concern. Thanks.

The quote here was from your past discussion with Dr. Nichols. You mention DHT/prostate twice here:
"Not monitoring DHT, especially with the route of administration being high doses to the scrotum...you mentioned hair, what about the prostate? You also mentioned if a male had high DHT symptoms (of which you only mention hair...again think about prostate) that you would prescribe the appropriate medication."
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BPH, not prostate cancer. Male pattern baldness. Guys applying an entire testosterone replacement dose directly to the scrotum can have well-above physiologic DHT levels.
If I am not having problems with BPH and already lost my hair do I need to be concerned then? I am one of those guys you speak of and last labs my DHT was 260 when the range is (some number-85).