Donating blood is hard AF right now.


I’ve been having the hardest time donating blood since the pandemic. No mobile blood drives and the alternative to the Red Cross is booked for weeks.. I was also told last time I used the Red Cross my numbers were too high and I’ll be denied forever until I call a number they gave me....

anyone know of lab Corp helps if defy sends order? It’s been over 6 months now... I’m getting night sweats and haven’t changed anything... I’m having no other high e2 sides or low I don’t think it’s that.

should I just get my normal bloodwork done now and see where I’m at or continue trying to donate first?


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Really? Texas claims a large blood shortage and I recently got texts begging me to donate.
You can buy the supplies to collect your own blood. As long as you don't have an aversion to sticking a needle in your arm, it's quite easy.


Just donated this morning actually. American Red Cross has blood drives constantly in Mass. I just leave out that I’m on TRT. HGB was 17.5. HCT on my latest bloodwork about 2 weeks ago was 54, hence why I donated. I booked the appt probably 4 days ago on the American Red Cross website


20HCT is the Red Cross cutoff. I’ve been as high as 19.2. It was funny the last time I donated the tech said, “now we are going to check your red blood cell count, if it is too low, you can’t donate.” I said, now worried about that. It was 18.5.

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