Doctors in houston or Dallas


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I relocated to Texas and am looking for a doctor. I had a PCP who gave me TRT when I was living in the mid-Atlantic and have since moved to Texas. I thought there were doctors in Houston and possible Dallas who will prescripe.

If so, please message me. I really need to be back on this as I feel totally different now off it.

Thanks guys!


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Houston is one of the best cities for TRT doctors. My personal favorite is Dr. Mohit Khera at Baylor. Watch him speak here:

Hi Nelson, I'm in Houston and seeing Dr Larry Lipshultz today for a consult. Do you have any info on him? Switching from Men's T CLinic and I have been very happy with their results thus far (since January).


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Nelson - could you chime in on a recommendation for Dallas or North Dallas? Just moved here and looking for a great Dr. Had a super PCP in San Diego that I've been with for 5 years and looking for something here similar. Thanks@!


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I am in the DFW region and haven't found any good local docs to support men's health (ie: low testosterone) other than 30 Low T Centers, Men's Edge Medical, Men's T Clinic, etc. Listen to the radio and you will hear a commercial for one every 20minutes.

I just use Defy for any such issues.

Nelson Vergel

Houston: Mohit Khera

Dallas: Probably

Brand David MD
Philmore J Joseph MD
Mark Tribble, MD

And there is always

Sean Mosher

I thought this was interesting from Icon Wellness website here near Houston.
Had never heard this before from any doc I personally have encountered or otherwise.

Why saliva and not blood work?
Saliva hormone values reflect the tissue concentration of your hormones. Blood and serum contains the total hormone, but your tissues are only bathed with the active or effective fraction as found in saliva. Active fraction measurements are superior to blood and urine measurements both in diagnosis and treatment.

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