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This is going to be a common theme here!

2. Hormone regimens for transgender men

The primary goal of masculinizing HT is to stimulate physical changes consistent with the patient’s gender identity. Testosterone is the sole hormone administered. The aim is to achieve levels within the physiological range for cisgender men (300-1000ng/dL). There are several routes available to administer exogenous testosterone (Table 2). These include subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, transdermal gel or patches, and subcutaneous implants. With regards to achieving desired physiologic levels, no data support one route of administration over another, but higher testosterone levels are more easily achieved with parenteral treatment [5].

Injectable testosterone preparations include testosterone enanthate (TE), testosterone cypionate (TC), and testosterone undecanoate (TU). TE and TC can both be given as subcutaneous injections every week to ten days, or intramuscularly every two to three weeks. Typical doses for the weekly administration are 50 to 100mg [9]. These doses can be doubled and given with greater dosing intervals to reduce frequency of injections, although this is associated with greater fluctuation in levels [10]. With a longer carbon side chain, TU has a significantly longer half-life than TE and TC [11] [12], and can therefore be administered every 12 weeks [13]. Due to the fact that transgender men tend to be smaller in size than cisgender men, it may be advisable to begin with lower dosing and titrate upwards to avoid supraphysiologic levels.

Testosterone gels are typically given at doses of 50-100 mg/d, while transdermal patches are given at 2.5-7.5 mg/d [13]. Patients are advised to keep the application site clothed for 4 hours after administering gels to avoid skin-to-skin contact with others. Patients are also advised to avoid showering for 4 hours to ensure absorption [14]. Due to high levels of pruritus reported with use of patches, gels tend to be more commonly prescribed than patches'

Implantable testosterone pellets are also available, but titration will be more straightforward with shorter acting agents, leaving pellets reserved for maintenance [13]. Pellets contain 75mg of active ingredient and up to 6 can be inserted at once. Two pellets are typically inserted for every 25mg of parenteral testosterone required weekly and most patients require repeat implantation every 3 to 4 months.

2.1 Treatment effects

Although many transgender men desire maximum virilization, others may wish more modest results. Unfortunately for the latter, the impact of even low dose hormone therapy cannot be reliably predicted for any given individual and patients should be prepared for a range of results.

Within 3 to 6 months of initiating masculinizing therapy, transgender men can expect to experience amenorrhea, increased libido, coarsening of skin and acne, fat redistribution, increased muscle mass, and facial hair growth [15] [16] [17]. Over longer periods of time, patients can experience voice deepening and clitoromegaly [18] [19]. Male pattern hair loss can also occur due to the androgenic interaction with pilosebaceous hair follicles [20].
Some transgender men may welcome this change as it can be considered masculinizing, but some do not. Male pattern hair loss has been managed with 5alpha- reductase inhibitors, but patients should be counselled regarding reports of sexual function concerns, along with the lack of evidence for objective benefit in transgender men [21]. Height will not be affected by HT administered after puberty

For the majority of adult transgender men who began HT after puberty, a degree of nonreversible physical feminization will have occurred. Many transgender men will therefore be shorter, have a degree of female fat distribution [22], and have broader hips than cisgender men [23]. Patients can expect some degree of breast atrophy with long-term androgen therapy with studies showing histological changes [24] in breast tissue of transgender men with reduced glandular tissue and increased fibrous connective tissue comparable to changes seen in post-menopausal women [25] [26]

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Reduced Breast Size

Once again, I have know quite a few female BBers and have never seen one of them loose any breast size through anything but diet. My wife included. Once they start back eating again the fat come right back and the breast look just the same.
Enlarged Clitoris (Clitoromegaly)
This definitely happened with my wife. However, it does seem to enhance sex and orgasms greatly. Now once stopping the larger doses it diminishes in size greatly. This same thing happens to women who have never used testosterone. This same thing can happen when aldosterone and DHEA-S get out of control from perhaps a polycystic ovary syndrome. Getting it from using testosterone is sure not the end of the world.
Cessation of Menstruation
Again @madman, my wife has a period all of her adult life and in fact bled much more than most women. She stopped her period in her mid 50 as most women do. She also got pregnant using testosterone when doctors said it could not happen. I realize what science tells us but there is so little know about what happens when women use testosterone. Lots of these changes depend greatly on genetics and ethnicity. Look how many Sematic, Indian and Pakistani women have facial hair and none have ever taken steroids. How many Latin American woman have dark hair on their arms similar to a man.

I love science but there is just not much known about anabolic steroids taken by women. Its only been the past few years that we realized women may need TRT just like a man. The dosing is constantly changing. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002, which showed that HRT had more detrimental than beneficial effects, so the idea of using testosterone replacement in women was dropped. Its been since about 2012 that this idea was reversed.
The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002, which showed that HRT had more detrimental than beneficial effects, so the idea of using testosterone replacement in women was dropped. Its been since about 2012 that this idea was reversed.
A more accurate statement would be that NIH wanted to curtail the use HRT in women and created a study to produce the desired outcome. The result was the WHI which was a dumpster fire of scientific malpractice. Entire books have been written about the WHI misconduct: Estrogen Matters by Avrum Bluming and Carol Tavris. Unfortunately the idea pushed out by the WHI in their famous press conference, that HRT is bad for women (even though their own data didn't support their statements), persists to today.

It is my view that there is no intervention for women that has a greater impact on health and longevity than HRT. The Nurse's Health Study showed lower overall mortality for women who received HRT vs those that didn't, with a very large reduction in cardiovascular disease. Nurses’ Health Study: Estrogen associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk. I can't find the source data on overall mortality at the moment, but the effect size is huge. If I remember correctly it's about the same difference as one would get if you could completely cure all cancer.


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Guys here is an example of a woman who my wife knows who was an IFBB PRo. Media is really good at showing pictures like this and the public and obviously those in science thinks this is what happens to women who use testosterone. Well this is what female BBers look like close to a contest when they get that hard, emaciated look from diet which ended up killing the sport.

Calo before.jpg

here is what the same woman looks like when she isn't on that hard diet:

Calo after BB.jpg

Obviously this is still a big woman but the face has filled out, she still has hair and from what I understand she still likes men.

Here is a pro in the IFBB physique division which replace BBing. Yea, she also does anabolic steroids.

Dana Linn Bailey.JPG

Here is where women came from back in the 80's, still on steroids, a much softer, more feminine look she the rules should have been kept.

Cory Everson.JPG

Our media and science has attached a horrible stigma to woman's use of testosterone. Especially now that they equate women using testosterone to transitioning too a man and then use female bodybuilders to show what will happen. A female will have to have some very good genes and train exceptionally hard with weight and suffer like she has an eating disorder to ever get in this kind of shape. Many women using TRT doses of testosterone will never have any side effects, especially if they stick to the short esters which are much more controllable. What we are doing is psychologically scaring women out of ever trying this despite how many here have seen the great results their wife's have had.

@testiculus this is my view as well - "It is my view that there is no intervention for women that has a greater impact on health and longevity than HRT." Yet our medical community and researchers want to deny women this treatment just like they did with men for years.
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Normal testosterone production in women is on the order of 500 mcg per day, equivalent to 5 mg T cypionate per week, though 2.5 mg twice-weekly would make for more stable levels. This corresponds well to cream protocols with ~5 mg applied per day and 10% absorption. There is research showing that improving libido in post-menopausal women can require supraphysiological testosterone levels, thus double these doses is not uncommon.
2.5MG 2X per week puts my wife in a great spot top end to just over. Any larger dose it is just to much! This along with her estradiol patches she is great.


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2.5MG 2X per week puts my wife in a great spot top end to just over. Any larger dose it is just to much! This along with her estradiol patches she is great.
Any progesterone?

It seems plausible that on average the best results would occur when testosterone is paired with physiological levels of estradiol. These aren't necessarily provided by the aromatization of — physiological — testosterone alone. If a doctor is involved was there any discussion of risks/rewards in the use of estradiol?


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She is 59 nice shape about same build when we married 41 years ago. She sees a HRT doctor and on full program including 150mg oral progesterone, estradiol patch-not sure on dose and the 2.5mg 2X per week of T cypionate. She had been on creams but all over the board! if she does not take her progesterone she literally CANNOT sleep. If she takes more T than the 5mg per week she has orgasms in the night and less desire for sex then. Slow and steady wins the race. Highly recommend any woman to look at this program. The results have been very positive.


Dr. Irwin Goldstein has stated that women have 5X more testosterone than estrogen, throughout their entire lifetime.

I’m guessing that his credentials far exceed just about anyone on the planet.
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