Concerned about the labs my doctor is running.


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Was a patient of Dr Crisler. After he passed I had to get another doc. Apparently this doc was trained by Dr Crisler but I have to say I'm a little concerned by the labs they run. I have a reverse t3 problem that is under control and am on cytomel. My doc has NEVER run a free t3 or t4 but instead runs TOTAL T3 and T3 and I don't recall any of my previous docs doing this. Additionally, they run a ESTRONE test in addition to a estradiol test. Is estrone of any value? Why would this be run?

I'm starting to feel like maybe this doc isn't for me as some red flags are going up. Any insight?


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I always get TSH, free T-3, free T4 and reverse T3. I also just get the sensitive Estradiol test for men.