Compounded HCG now banned in California?

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I have been on TRT and using HCG (compounded) for over 5+ years and feel that I am completed dialed in. My protocol is daily T (24mg) injections and EOD HCG (300iu). Late last year I was traveling for three weeks and was running low on my HCG. Rather than be without it, I had my doctor call in a script to a nearby CVS. Within a week of switching to the Pregnyl, I immediately noticed increased size and fullness in my testicles, more sensitivity and an increase in libido. Maybe I got a few bad batches of compounded HCG but for the slight cost increase (about 10 cents per 300iu injection), I am sticking with Pregnyl from here on out.
I agree. Whenever I used to use Novarel I felt much better. I’d rather use it if I can find it.
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