Clomid with TRT

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Have any guys had success? Anyone have bloodwork showing elevated LH levels while on this combination?

Also, does anyone know how long LH levels take to recover after cessation of TRT (while still on clomid).
I was prescribed androgel with clomid a few years back. Felt actually really great for many months on 4pumps a day of 1.62 androgel and 50mg clomid 3x week.

Switched to injections and have never been able to feel great for more than a couple weeks so trying androgel and clomid again now.


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I had no luck with a six-week trial of 15 mg/day enclomiphene. LH stayed at 0.1 mIU/mL. This was concurrent with 9 mg/day T propionate.
I've been on 12 mg three times weekly for about four months now and my most recent blood work did not show an increase of LH, <2.
I'm going to give it another few months to see if it does makes a difference.
I am taking it for atrophy of the gonads and it seems to have stabilized.
Again we'll see in a few months.