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Just started seeing a new doc and he gave me a BPH blood test. I have noticed everyone on here gets PSA. In Lamens terms can someone talk me through the difference and was the test he got me just pointless?
What was the exact name of the test?
May have just ordered you a standard PSA test ( It is a blood test)???
There is a 4K blood test that is used to determine probability of prostate cancer along with evaluating your PSA.
There is another one (don't remember the name) that does basically the same.
Could that be what your DR ordered?
Did you get the obligatory "finger wave"?
BPH is a condition that can be caused by a number of things:
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) | Cleveland Clinic
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You are right. He did order PSA.... I’m just an idiot and misread my paper work and since then have continued to misread it. So that’s that.
Now to see what your PSA is:)
If it is over 4 DRs get excited (depending on your age).
IF it is elevated, the DR MIGHT start talking biopsy.
At that point it is time for you to do more research FIRST.
Do you have a weak urine stream?
Did your doc give you a digital rectal exam where he inserted his finger to feel your prostate? Did he say it was large for your age?