Applying for my shot gun licence UK- Will TRT be an issue?


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I'm UK based, male, 37 and treatment is 125ml Sustanon e5d. I'm currently 6 weeks in to treatment. Over the last year I've been going clay pigeon shooting with a friend who has a licence. I'm really enjoying it and plan to apply for a licence this month.

UK gun laws are very controlled. You have to provide all medications on application. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how trt will be perceived when assessing someone's suitability? Should I speak to my trt Doc for a reference or just notify my GP that I've started this treatment. TRT is far less understood in UK and worried it will be a big NO due to bad press like roid rage. The Dr has to state if the individual is suitable based on history and medication


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I would call this clinic. They will have an answer.

Hi Nelson,

Thank you for the response. I'm actually receiving my treatment through balance my hormones and they have been brilliant. I did ask the question early on and didn't get a clear response. Will ask again though now I'm closer to putting in a licence application. Thanks

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