Apigenin can make you a STAR! By Jerry Brainum

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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Bodybuilders would find apigenin useful because it's a natural aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme that converts androgens, including testosterone, into estrogen. But the most interesting aspect of apigenin in relation to testosterone is shown in an upcoming study. Testosterone levels drop in most men beginning at about age 40. While there are various theories as to the cause of this hormonal decline, one plausible theory relates the drop in testosterone to a decrease of a protein synthesized in the testes, and wherever else steroid hormones are made in the body, including the brain and adrenal glands. This protein is called the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein or StAR. What StAR does is transport cholesterol, which is the raw material from which all steroid hormones are produced from, including testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol, from the outer mitochondrial membrane in cells to the inner membrane, where production of the hormones begins. Cholesterol requires the StAR transport protein because it cannot penetrate the inner mitochondrial cell membrane by itself; it must be ferried or transported into the cell. The production of StAR is stimulated by lutenizing hormone (LH) secreted from the anterior pituitary gland. StAR is considered the rate-limiting step in steroid hormone synthesis, since without the raw material provided by cholesterol, no hormones can be made.

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Interesting article. But results are on lab animals. Also, if it does work in human, I doubt it will have a place for those on TRT

Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
I am looking for three men in the 400-550 ng/dL T range (natural production of T, not TRT) to do a small pilot on. I will provide free T testing before and 4 weeks after.
StAR is why I always want my TRT patients on HCG, which is a mimic of LH.

This is all part of "Backfilling the Pathways".

Helping with Testicular Atrophy is icing.
I would offer an edit to Jerry's otherwise excellent article.

IGFBP-3, which is both primary carrier of IGF-1, and an important part of the p53 apoptosis (cancer cell seek-and-destroy) mechanism, does not "render IGF-1 harmless." Rather, it is a true carrier protein, and so extends the life of IGF-1. It is unlike SHBG, which powerfully binds sex hormones and (mostly) neutralizes them (there are issues with the previous, but more than we can get into here).

Since elevating IGFBP-3, which Apigenin does, increases IGF-1, it's more the counter balance of its effects on the p53 mechanism which lowers cancer risk. Quercetin does the same thing, in the same way.
Dr John
What are appropriate levels of IGF-1? Do you believe it can cause cancer at high levels?
Excellent question.

IGF-1 increases cancer risk IF IGFBP-3 levels are not sufficient. Usually, when GH increases IGF-1, the liver also elevates IGFBP-3 to match. If not, there is a problem.

Bodybuilders taking straight IGF-1 is absolutely insane. There is no matching IGFBP-3 increase in that case to HELP protect from cancer risk increase.


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I started a thread about this compound just yesterday wondering if this is the source of my issue with either estrogen receptors or not making enough causing heart flutters, heart rate weirdness and health anxiety.


I lay my hands around 12000 volts of electricity, climb poles, and run very large expensive pieces of equipment. I am responsible for making sure that when you flip the switch, your lights come on. I read the scientific data above. I most have been gone the day we went over this topic in community college.

Would someone highlight the rock star part for me?
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