Nutrients That Can Increase GH by Jerry Brainum

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Let’s face it: Using drug forms of insulin and GH, as well as anabolic steroids, is not without risk. One obvious effect of this drug triumvirate is an enlarged, or bloated, abdomen. In recent years the odd appearance of some professional bodybuilders, who display both deep abdominal muscle definition and, when they’re not flexed, bloated abdomens, has been blamed on the combination of insulin and GH. Many other side effects are possible, depending how much and how long the drugs are used.

Natural bodybuilders, in their efforts to add muscle and lose bodyfat, look for ways to boost their various anabolic hormones without taking drugs. The most potent nutrients known to boost GH are amino acids, with arginine and ornithine leading the way, although several others can also do it to a lesser degree. Testing of the branched-chain amino acids showed that leucine and valine boosted GH by 10 percent, but the third BCAA, isoleucine, had no effect.

Nutrients That Can Increase GH by Jerry Brainum
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Nelson Vergel

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