Andro Block F for hair loss?

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Has anyone actually tried Andro Block F for hair loss? I noticed that they sell this at Defy and first heard of it when Dr. Crisler recommended it on Jay Cambells TRT Revolution Podcast.
Ive seen some post that Nelson has put up regarding Andro Block but haven't seen any other discussions or reviews of this product from guys who have actually tried it. Has anyone on here tried it? How did it work?
ps Ive been on TRT for a year and half, have a full head of hair but my widows peak has been thinning slowly for a long time..when I started TRT I started to notice the widows peak shedding and hairline receding a bit.
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If it worked would you need to have a bright light and dark background on the before and then be dark with light background after? Doing this makes me wonder about other things these places are selling. It would be best not to play these games with people if you take pride in what you do. If not your just out to line your pockets from people that don't know better. Andro Block F and getting your natural hair back



LOL, it's clear the pictures were taken the same day. Unfortunately we're subjected to dubious claims and snake oil salesmen every day. Unfortunately the hair loss area has few large scale studies to fall back on since all the ingredients are not proprietary anymore. Therefore big pharma isn't going to throw money behind them. We do have smaller scale case studies to help a guy out. Even then some compounds won't work for each individual. In my case, the thinning has stopped, what hair is left is thicker, but i haven't seen new growth yet.


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I used an affordable .05% topical finasteride/6% minoxidil combo. 1ml once per day took my dht down to 24. It worked...probably a little too well.


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I thought it said topical wasn't absorbed into the body.
Think again.—Effects of a novel finasteride 0.25% topical solution on scalp and serum dihydrotestosterone in healthy men with androgenetic alopecia.
One tenth of a milliliter of 0.25% finasteride applied topically once a day reduced serum DHT by 24%. Three tenths of a milliliter knocked serum DHT down by 44%. The authors were pleased that the smaller dose still reduced scalp DHT by 47%, "potentially minimizing the untoward sexual side-effects linked to a systemic DHT reduction".


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I stopped using it.

I had read all the topical finasteride studies and was trying to dose it accordingly. .05% for me 1ml or a little less per day cut my serum dht by over half.

I was trying to match the “200uL” group in the studies. If I try again I will cut my dose by half or space out doses. It might have good effects at 1 week (per the study) but I was doing it for months. Maybe the amount of drug built up to stable levels that were too high over time with daily dosing.
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