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  1. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  2. P

    Andro Block F for hair loss?

    Has anyone actually tried Andro Block F for hair loss? I noticed that they sell this at Defy and first heard of it when Dr. Crisler recommended it on Jay Cambells TRT Revolution Podcast. Ive seen some post that Nelson has put up regarding Andro Block but haven't seen any other discussions or...
  3. sea_cav


    Hi Everyone Justin here. New to the site and learning lots. Thanks for all the info, Nelson. I'm reading your book as well. I've taken one test for Low T at a clinic dedicated to Low T therapy in Seattle. My initial results came back below range. I had another test administered for insurance...
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