It’s not really a testosterone side effect for me though. I’ve always had bacne since I was a teen. Lots of people say it’s caused by DHT but, I have minimal body hair, and absolutely no male pattern baldness.

Is there anything besides accutane to get rid of it? Defy Medical can’t prescribe it unfortunately.

In the army I was on various antibiotics (doxicycline, minocycline, and something else) for probably two years and, they helped a little bit but, 6 months after stopping I was right back where I started.

Topical medications isn’t really an option because I don’t have anyone to help me apply them right now.

The bacne and acne on my chest has actually gone down quite a bit since starting TRT two years ago, I’m still getting painful cysts on my back though.

As always, any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
I'm genetically predisposed and while in the Air Force in Korea had to have medical intervention, like you.

What I've experienced on TRT was that it was Estrogen for me. Once i got that down to a point that was good for ME, my body acne 99% disappeared.
Try selsun blue not just as a shampoo but as a body wash, too. Use the selenium disulfide actve ingredient to wash with. This helped me with it, too.
I was showering twice per day with loofas and scrubbers and other supposed chemicals but once my E was controlled Im back to once a day with regular body washes.


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Unfortunately I don't have any great ideas for you, but I would recommend staying away from Accutane. Nasty stuff.
Benzoyl peroxide is one of the primary topicals for acne and it’s otc. Get a 10% bar and a shower brush and use it twice daily. It’s not a cure, but it will help quite a bit.


I’ve tried selsum blue, nizoral, salycitic acid, benzol peroxide, tea tree, and even dawn dish soap... I feel like I’ve tried everything non-prescription.


Unfortunately I don't have any great ideas for you, but I would recommend staying away from Accutane. Nasty stuff.

Honestly, Through research it seems like most of the negative accutane side effects came from people on high doses of the drug and people on low dose have minimal side effects and still get clear skin.



Trying to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist but, of course my primary care needs to see me first to make some money.

Is this folliculitis?


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Are you on an AI? I had really bad itchy rashes on it. Once I removed it, skin went back to clear within two weeks. I just split my once a week Test Cyp dose and don't need the AI. And I would highly recommend you not go on Accutane.

Also, have you done a food based blood allergy test? A lot of times your skin will express the inflammation vs. just your gut.


My diet is basic af. I started eliminating normal milk for almond milk though. It’s not the AI, I’ve had acne for 20+ years now.


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For what it's worth, for me, swimming in a chlorinated pool 2-3 times per week keeps my back completely clear of acne. I was dealing with mild/moderate back acne for about two years until I started swimming to increase shoulder flexibility and reduce arthritis shoulder pain (btw, it really helps with the shoulders).

I am not a "swimmer" and I only swim for about 20-25 minutes per session and my skin stays clear. I did not change anything else in my routine, not eating nor other workouts nor HRT dosages.

If I miss swimming for about a week or so, the back acne starts back up.

Your situation sounds more severe than what I was dealing with, but if you have access to a chlorinated pool, try it, it may help at least. - P


try lowering your dose. I used acne as a guide to get me down to a correct dosage. I can deal with minor acne from time to time. When major acne resolved, so did major water retention, moodiness, etc. Still get minor sides every now and then, but not a big deal at all. Just me, but again it was the dosage that mattered.

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