32 y.o. male starting TRT [200 mg / ml @ 1 mg / wk]


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Hello all.

As the title states, I'm starting TRT and my doctor has prescribed 200 of mg of test cyp. / wk. I'm actually going to the clinic tomorrow so that they can show me how to self-administer. Good times ahead (I hope)!

I'm not a gymhead these days, but have some leftover muscle from when I used to be. I'm 6'2" 228 lbs., and have slowly and steadily been losing weight as I focus on portion control. I'm out of shape, to be sure, but thankfully some of the mass I gained in my early 20s has stayed on. Due to my height, I carry the weight pretty well, but I know I have at least 20 more lbs. to lose.

This all started when I finally became frustrated enough at the crazy mental fog, apathy, lack of energy, and very low libido I struggled with for years to talk to my doctor about it in a straightforward manner. I basically said, "I know what I'm feeling. I know what's causing it. Will you help me?" On a related note (?), I also took ages to heal from scratches, bumps, and bruises compared to when I was in my 20s. Something that used to take 5 days to heal now took a whole month.

Thankfully, contrary to many horror stories I've read, he was glad to help. With these things laid out, my doctor made the call to get some lab work done to determine if low test was the culprit. I've attached my lab results for reference. As you can see, I'm definitely someone with low T.

Nevertheless, my doc didn't want to start with testosterone right off the bat, so he prescribed clomiphene citrate (clomid) to see if that would help any. Screenshot 3 (03/17/2021) shows that it did almost nothing for me, and in fact drove my free test down.

Baseline 1 [10/02/2020]

Baseline 2 [10/15/2020]

After 5 months of Clomid [03/17/2021]

That being said, I am looking forward to seeing what TRT can do for me. I think that pairing this with a return to the gym is going to get me right where I need to be. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. I know that 200 mg / week is on the "higher" end of TRT, but I'm glad that no more days, weeks, and months with nearly non-existent T-levels will go by. I'd hate to look back years from now and see my prime years being completely wasted (as they have thus far). Let's get it!


You emphasize the fact of slow wound healing. That's characteristic of diabetes, whether type 1(insulin dependent) or type 2, which can be equally serious. Do get your A1C and fasting glucose checked.


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You emphasize the fact of slow wound healing. That's characteristic of diabetes, whether type 1(insulin dependent) or type 2, which can be equally serious. Do get your A1C and fasting glucose checked.
Thank you for that. I believe those were checked, with the following results:

A1C 10.15.2020.png

Glucose 10.15.2020.png

A smidge on the higher end of the reference range, but nothing indicative of diabetes, from what I know. Doc also said he didn't see anything concerning there.

T-update: Went to the doc for the self-administration instructions. All went extremely well. No pain at all. I'm thinking of discussing e3.5d injections with my doc as I have heard that it helps avoid drastic peaks and trough variances. Anyone have thoughts? Should I run once weekly for at least a month before having that discussion, or is it pretty settled that injecting more frequently, if possible, is better?
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I would do every 3.5 days at 1/2 dose. If you are injecting yourself no need to even run it by the doc. I personally do Sunday morning and Wednesday Evening.


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As much as Im for using optimal amounts and even maintaining the highest blood levels that give maximum benefits without side effects and health risks, THIS DOSE is way too high for start. If it turns out you really need that much to feel optimal you gotta titrate that slow and give every protocol and dosage 8 weeks to assess how you feel on it.

I would start 120-150mg per week split into two, testosterone only - no AI for sure and no HCG at the brginning. HCG can be introduced at small dosages initially if you get issues with orgasm, seamen volume or penis senstivity. Some guys like me just feel horrible on TRT without HCG, but others feel horrible on HCG.


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Thanks. I'll be switching to that next week. Do you inject only in your quads?

Start low and go slow we say.

100-120 mg T/week split (50-60 mg every 3.5 days) is a sensible starting dose as we want to see how your body reacts to testosterone.

Start off on a T-only protocol and hCG could be added eventually.

Avoiding the use of an AI would be ideal.

Some may end up needing micro-doses but it comes down to the individual.

Most would prefer to avoid the use of an AI.

Blood work will be done at 6 weeks once blood levels have stabilized as we want to see where said protocol (dose T/injection frequency) has your TT, FT, estradiol, SHBG let alone other blood markers.

The dose of T would only be increased at the 6-week mark if your trough FT level is too low (highly doubtful).

Keep in mind that when using esterified T hormones will be in flux during the weeks leading up until blood levels have stabilized (4-6 weeks) and it is common for many to experience ups/downs during the transition as the body is trying to adjust.

Many make the mistake of gauging how they truly feel during this time which can be very misleading.

Even then once blood levels have stabilized it will take time for the body to adapt to the new set-point and this is the time when one should gauge how they truly feel regarding relief/improvement of low-t symptoms.

Every protocol whether starting trt or tweaking a dose (increasing/decreasing T) should be given 12 weeks!



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