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  1. G

    Natesto CRASHED!!!!!! large shards UPDATE: batch is all bad...

    well I think I sorted out why I had variance in effectiveness for me.... took the label off and XLs of testosterone crystallized in both my natestos. all kept at room temp may of gotten up to 25C but thats it. not near AC or anything like that. At any rate may have something to do with why...
  2. G

    Natesto lost effects quickly? nasal test

    eh guys, tried Natesto I didn't squeeze the 10 doses out as they say to do as appeared to come out just fine first squeeze.. now, I only do 1 dose a day which was 100% all good as I felt energy confidence sex was better and lasted into the evening and even got better sleep... in fact even 1...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Products in the U.S.: Video Review by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson reviews dosing and other key information about each testosterone product approved by the FDA in the United States. There are numerous hypogonadism (low testosterone) treatment options, each with its own mode of administration, pharmacokinetic profile, dose sequence, and adverse effect...
  4. T

    Support natural T instead of replacing?

    Hi guys, I'm reaching out because I read about Natesto. It's a testosterone gel applied inside the nose, and supposedly it doesn't shut down natural T production. That's what I want. It's a little pricey, though, at roughly $400/m. Does anyone know what kind of testosterone is used in the gel...
  5. T

    Doctor recommended Natesto because of fertility concerns...other options?

    My doctor is very open to different treatment plans, but initially recommended Natesto because I brought up I would like to potentially have children in the next few years. I don't remember my actual numbers, but I believe my total T levels were around 400 (which my doctor noted was in the...
  6. M

    Natesto vs Empower Nasal Gel Price etc

    I started Natesto 2x daily 5 months ago with positive results. My insurance denied coverage for Natesto so I have been using the Natesto cash discount program for $140 for a months prescription. When I went to refill this last time the discount card was maxed out. After talking with Natesto I...
  7. RP McMurphy

    Online/telemedicine script for Natesto & Enclomiphene?

    Can anyone direct me to a site that can provide a script for Natesto and a script for enclomiphene? I'm trying to avoid the high consult costs of my current doc, but will go that route if needed,,,,thank you.
  8. S

    Worsening Symptoms, "Dead Penis"

    Instead of taking Defy's dosing advice, I tried going "low and slow" for six weeks, but my libido and sensitivity completely dried up after a couple of weeks. Defy had recommended 100 mg T cypionate/week, divided into three doses, but I went with 10 mg/daily. They have also recently added hCG...
  9. S

    Starting HRT, Mainly for Libido

  10. S

    Anyone switched to natesto

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience wit natesto. I started out on test c injections 100mg a week split every 3.5 days. After a couple months had great numbers through blood work and no side effects in that area, but started having lots of heart palpitations and anxiety. Since then I have...
  11. F

    Another attempted restart, surprisingly positive results

    I will try to update this as I continue. I am 6-7 weeks into a spur of the moment restart and I intend to get a full lab panel done in another couple months. I have made a few posts here on a couple restart attempts and other various things that many of us have gone through. 37 years old, 6'1...
  12. F

    Official Natesto Thread

    Welcome to the Natesto thread. I have used Natesto on an off for several years, but it seems to be one of the less popular TRT options here. That said, I have seen a few readers mention it, and I thought it would be good to start a dedicated thread on Natesto where people can share their...
  13. W

    My pre-workout Natesto experiment - Embrace your natural trough!

    What if you could enjoy the benefits of exogenous testosterone - even if on a limited basis - while minimizing many of the usual side effects? I was determined to find out through a very unscientific experiment with Natesto, a short-acting nasal testosterone gel discussed numerous times on...
  14. S

    Scrotal T Cream - chasing the Honeymoon

    I have been on TRT for about 2 and a half years and am pretty rock steady on a regimen that works for me. Labs are good and I have resolved my side effects which in my case were horrible acne and sleep issues. I am currently on Natesto, 50 mg of test cream applied once a day to the scrotum...
  15. madman

    MY-T study: Symptom-based titration decisions when using testosterone nasal gel, Natesto®

    Abstract Introduction: Natesto®, testosterone nasal gel (TNG), is a testosterone therapy (TTh) indicated for adult male hypogonadism.1 This study allowed titration decisions to be based on physicians’ assessment of patient symptoms. Methods: Hypogonadal males on active topical testosterone...
  16. S

    Natesto Trial Complete - Back to Injections

    I am just finishing my fourth month of Natesto therapy and am calling the experiment complete. I am going back to injections. My goal was to see if I could restart my HPTA which was a common occurrence in the extended clinical trials but my FSH and LH are still unreadable. I would give it...
  17. S

    Natesto thread

    I have not seen or read much on here about Natesto. I am giving it a trial run and thought I would share my experiences in an effort to get some info out there. Brief history: On TRT for 20 months High SHBG guy (44-50) Best injection regimen was 80mg twice a week and HCG 150 IU daily (TT-1000...
  18. Y

    Natesto and Axiron

    Is there anyone on the forum that is using either and find that it is working successfully? In particular anyone from Canada?
  19. madman

    Home PRESS RELEASE Acerus Provides Business Update on NATESTO®

    Acerus Provides Business Update on NATESTO® PART 1: “My-T Study: Symptom-based titration decisions when using testosterone nasal gel, NATESTO [®] ” MY-T study: Symptom-based titration decisions when using testosterone nasal gel, Natesto® | Canadian Urological...
  20. E

    Anyone tried Natesto yet?

    this recently got approved by FDA. Claims 9/10 got their testosterone up How to Apply | NATESTO® (testosterone) Nasal Gel CIII
  21. Nelson Vergel

    New Testosterone Nasal Gel (Natesto) Data- Video Interview with Dr Ramasamy

    Dr. Ramasamy presents his preliminary data on the use of Natesto and its effect on sperm count. Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy is the Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery as well as an Assistant professor in the Department of Urology at the University of Miami in Florida. As a Urologist and...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Learn Quickly About Testosterone Deficiency and Its Treatments

    I hope you enjoy this part 1. Yes, it is almost 2 hours long but I concentrated everything I know so that you do not have to read for hours.
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Testosterone Replacement Options

    In theory testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with plasma levels in early morning and lower levels in the evening. Women produce around a 12th of those rates. Testosterone...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    FDA Approved Natesto Nasal Gel to Treat Men with Low Testosterone

    Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corporation announced today (May 28.2014) that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Natesto (testosterone), formerly CompleoTRT, the first and only testosterone nasal gel for replacement therapy in adult males for conditions associated with a...
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