hpta restart

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  1. J

    Trying to do a HPTA restart with my doc…29 days in my total T is only 18:(

    My labs are attached. Total T is only 18, and free T is only .3!!! Okay have no libido whatsoever. My dick gets hard, but I have no interest in using it, and I don’t orgasm at all. I was on TRT for nearly 2 years, and tried to come off recently. I stopped my test Cypionate injections 29 days...
  2. F

    Another attempted restart, surprisingly positive results

    I will try to update this as I continue. I am 6-7 weeks into a spur of the moment restart and I intend to get a full lab panel done in another couple months. I have made a few posts here on a couple restart attempts and other various things that many of us have gone through. 37 years old, 6'1...
  3. T

    HPTA Restart - HCG / Clomid

    History: I was unnecessarily placed on TRT for 2 years - 200mg. I came off cold turkey under no supervision, and don’t really remember too much about the side effects, timeline, etc. I stayed off for 3 years, and again went back on. I was logging about 15-20 hours of endurance training a week...
  4. F

    How do I get my body to produce on its own?

    So judging by the lab results, I'm secondary. Low T, LH & FSH at the lower end of the reference range, although normal. Before I start trt, I want to give my body a chance to produce t on its own. How can I do that? What can I take to help me make t? I want to exhaust all my options in this...
  5. S

    When does natural production restart?

    I've gone without testosterone for 3 weeks now, and haven't taken any HCG for the past week. I'm planning to do a restart using Clomid and will start taking it as soon as it arrives. For those that have gone cold turkey, when do you think your natural production kicked back in? My testicles...
  6. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Anastrozole needed with Tamoxifen HPTA Restart?

    Hi Guys, I'm getting off TRT to possibly get my wife pregnant. I also have struggled with anxiety a lot while on trt. My question is do I need an AI during my 4-6 weeks of tamoxifen? I am very sensitive to E2. While working with defy we figured out that I cannot be over 15 pg/ml (sensitive...
  7. S

    Cycle HCG?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if HCG needs to be cycled? I just started a week ago with 500iu’s twice a week. If it does need to be cycled, for how long off and on? And as far as dosage, is 250iu eod better than 500 e3.5 days? My main concern is desensitizing receptors and possibly permanently...
  8. J

    Test rising in restart, but E2 remains very low at 10.1. Is this normal? Is this extremely low? How can I raise my E2?

    Since Clomid was giving me vision sides at just 12.5mg per day, I have switched to Torem at 60mg per day. My total T at this dose is weighing in at 456, taken mid afternoon, but my E2 is a weak 10.1. Is this horrible low? How can I make it rise? Will I end up with bone issues or osteoporosis...
  9. J

    Attempting restart with Clomid and arimidex (for E2). Logging experience, and ready for input!

    Long story short, I never really got "dialed-in" on TRT. My dosage fluctuated, but I never felt "great." My ending dose was 100mg test cyp (2 shots IM weekly of 50mg) and 600iu HCG (3 shots SQ weekly of 200iu), with no AI. This kept my total T at around 800 measured in my trough, and E2 at about...
  10. S

    HPTA Restart after Varicocele Surgery?

    I have been on TRT for 10 months. Regimen is 80mg Test Cyp q 3.5 and 150IU HCG daily. Current labs are TT - 1091, FT - 23, Sensitive E - 32. Numbers are textbook and body comp really changed over last 10 months - went from 20% to 11% body fat - but the side effects - sleep, acne, weak orgasms...
  11. T

    Fertility - Restart?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm 30 and have been on TRT for 5 years, ever since I had a Pituitary Adnoma removed. I'm currently infertile and at the point where I want to have a baby. I'm working with a Dr. on this and after trying Clomid and HCG alongside the T without any...
  12. R

    Anyone from this forum had success with HPTA restart ?!

    Hello guys! I have read Nelson Vergel`s book,the HPTA protocol , Michael Scally PCT program as well,and there are a lot of studies about this subject! I was wondering if anyone from this forum had any success restarting HPTA?! I am trying to collect as many info as possible for next appointment...
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