• The Best Cardio to Burn Fat

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      1. SoCalSurfer's Avatar
        SoCalSurfer -
        Nice video. I do cycling, so workouts are a bit different than someone who would be lifting. I do 60+ min rides with HITT sessions in them. I do 5 all out sprints in the middle of a ride to the point where my legs are on fire and max heart rate peaks. Then I keep the cadence up above 90rpm to recover for a few min while I continue on my ride. Normally works out to 20 min medium pace, 15-20 HITT and 20+min after. I try to keep my heart rate outside of the HITT sessions in zone 4. Doing this type of workout and cutting calories I have lost 25lbs over the past few months with no loss of power. Diet is depending on the workout for the day. If LISS day then no morning carbs, if LISS and HITT day then 30-40grams of carbs in AM. Rest of day is low carb. I also do calisthenics and core throughout the day as breaks from work.
      1. JWSimpkins's Avatar
        JWSimpkins -
        Thanks for watching. You're training looks intense!
      1. BradWI's Avatar
        BradWI -
        Can you link to the first study that was talked about? The 20 min HIIT vs. 40 min LISS.
      1. JWSimpkins's Avatar
        JWSimpkins -
        Quote Originally Posted by BradWI View Post
        Can you link to the first study that was talked about? The 20 min HIIT vs. 40 min LISS.
        Here you go!https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18197184
      1. stevep's Avatar
        stevep -
        This post is timely for me with good information. I'm the guy he mentioned that hasn't worked out for years and have way too much trunk weight. I've been hitting the gym every other day for the past two weeks. I'm taking it slow so I don't hurt myself and get back into a routine.

        I've noticed my weight hasn't gone down any, but my BMI has decreased based on my scale at home. I figure I'll continue the LISS for a couple more weeks and then start pushing myself a bit harder.
      1. JWSimpkins's Avatar
        JWSimpkins -
        Yes, proceeding with caution and listening to your body is a good idea.
      1. mariobryant's Avatar
        mariobryant -
        I've been looking for a cardio workout. Nice video.
      1. Bevaro's Avatar
        Bevaro -
        HIIT cardio is the best proven by studies. Also i think its easier to go hardcore for 8 to 12 minutes then draw it out for 45 minutes to an hour.
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