Thyroid results

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Hello I wanted to get the communities thoughts on my thyroid panel. The ferritin is odd as it's historically been between 40 and 70 therefore I'm going to retest soon.

Thyroid profile
Tsh 1.43 0.45-4.5
T4 1.02 0.82-1.77
T3 3.1 2-4.4
Tpo ab <6 0-34
Thyro ab<1 0-1
RT3 15.8. 7.5-19

Iron studies
TIBC 299 250-450
UIBC 214 150-375
Iron 85 40-155
Iron sat. 28% 15-55
Ferritin 21 30-100
Is that total T3 or free T3? And be careful with pulling more labs and your ferritin. I tanked my ferritin by getting too many labs drawn and getting them done too often. Never have donated blood in my life.
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Those are free T3 and free T4.

I am on Trt just started .

I've done a lot of labs so that could be why good point.
Ya I’ve been getting labs less often, and not getting so many done at a time, and my ferritin is going back up. Slowly, but going in the right direction. I’m sure you know how important ferritin is for optimal thyroid function, so definitely just be careful. Your ferritin is basically tanked as is, you definitely don’t want it going any lower.

Also your thyroid numbers look decent other other than your reverse T3. Your free T3 would definitely be better if it were a little higher, but you’re not too far off. There’s been some talk lately about how HCG can boost thyroid function a bit. Are you on HCG? If not, adding HCG and getting your ferritin back up might be the combo that gets your numbers right where you want them. As far as reverse T3 goes, not sure how to get that down. Maybe some other members know some ways to remedy that
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Thanks guys. I am taking HCG as part of my TRT protocol. My plan is to have my ferritin retested at my 6 week lab follow up. If it's still low I'll take Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg every day w/ Vitamin C for a bit.

Thanks Vince for the link It looks like my RT3 is marginally high as they say >15 is cut point. I also read that the ft3/RT3 ratio should be about 0.20 and mine is 0.196 so it looks like I'm slightly off. I'm hoping that the addition of ferritin (should it be needed) will boost me over the edge rather than me taking NDT for life.