The Testosterone Syndrome by Dr. Eugene Shippen - recommend

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Just finished this book today.
I Recommend this book.
Older book published in 1998 BUT has some GREAT info.
Not what I thought it would be.
Not a "How to"....
Digs into the physiology of testosterone and the human body.
Verrrrry enlightening.
Chapters on test and your heart; test and your prostate; test and women, and so much more.
Easy read. All the medical mumbo jumbo has been dumb down for us NON doctors :)
I would like to read more from Dr. Shippen, so if anyone can point me to any papers or other books that he may published.
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Will look and see what there is there.
Based on my read of the book Dr. Shippen is very insightful and has an utterly amazing understand of how test impacts the human body in so many ways that one does not even think about.