Low Serum Testosterone in Outpatient Psych Clinics

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In a study that confirmed what seems so obvious to members of Excelmale, researchers have concluded that there is:

"a lack of information on the prevalence of low testosterone in patients presenting with psychiatric complaints despite an overlap in clinical symptoms. The identification of low testosterone could have a significant impact on treatment through urologic referral for testosterone repletion or the use of treatments that spare the gonadal axis."

Ergo, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, family therapists, and nurse practitioners are being urged to screen presenting patients and clients for hypogonadism.

But will they???

"Low Serum Testosterone in Outpatient Psychiatry Clinics: Addressing Challenges to the Screening and Treatment of Hypogonadism," Sexual Medicine Review, 8 November 2017

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That is interesting. Thanks. I would think that hormonal/nutrition/overall health should be where they look first before moving to psychiatric drugs. I find interesting information regarding what causes mental issues and how the brain functions with relation to emotion and mental health.
I can tell you from experience that psychiatric drugs mess you up. I have had depression problems most of my adult life. I have also not had much energy or ( want ) to be engaged in things like sports or interact with people in fun things. I thought it was just the way it was going to be. It had always been that way. The psychiatric doctors really have no idea if the medication they give you will work or not so it is just try it and see. If not we will add something else. At one point I was os on a lot of psychiatric drugs do to this that I no longer felt anything except like a zombie and it scared me. I quit cold turkey. I know bad idea, I thought I was going to dye from the withdrawals from the meds. I later was diagnosed with low T started treatment and it was like a switch was turned on that had never been touched.
I truly believe I have had low T from Puberty if this is possible,But I can also tell you that I believe
psychiatric drugs will also lower your Testosterone even more. They will also make you gain weight like a sponge soaking up water. I'm still fighting with this as I cant loose the weight.
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I went through a period where SSRIs were precribed. I was fortunate; they did nothing for me, but they did nothing to harm me. Only after abandoning them were my hormones checked.
I was on an SSRI for like a decade going into my 20s. Been off of it for almost a decade before I checked my test levels, which were clinically low in free test. There's evidence that it's genetic based off of something things from other family members, but I suspect SSRIs can have an effect on development.