Looking for advice in HCG/Anastrazole adjustments/dialing in doses and weight loss

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Hey fellas,

So I'm looking to hear some opinions for the guys that have been able to dial in their doses well.

Here's a quick timeline.
27 y/o hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
Was on clomid, hated it, did HCG mono for 2 months, did ok, added SC test cyp.
While on Test cyp 40mg SC M/W/F, HCG 500IU SC M/W/F, and anastrazole 0.25mg M/F and my labs were:

TT: 964 ng/dl
FT: 262.2 pg/ml
Estradiol: 48.3
SHBG: 21 nmol/L
DHEA sulfate: 620 mcg/dl

At that time I started anastrazole 0.5mg M/W/F and voila, a month later:

TT: 1038
FT: 212.8
Estradiol: 22.9
SHBG: 18
DHEA: 683

I went on vacation, and two months later however:

TT: 902
FT: 242.6
Estradiol: 37.1
SHBG: 18
DHEA: 531

At that time I increased the test cyp to 50mg SC M/W/F and increased the anastrazole to 0.5mg SC every day. I had some AI side effects, mostly knee pain, while on 0.25mg M/F but these went away once I started adding vitamin D3 (was low at 27.3, last was 34, still working on raising).

I'm getting labs next week, but one of my main concerns now is that I can't seem to lose weight. I'll admit that my diet is imperfect, however my energy levels and visits to the gym have only increased since I started TRT. I'm 6'0 and was 208 right before TRT (had been losing weight over the previous 6 months from 218 thinking it had something to do with my condition, which a full workup later of course turned out was the low testosterone at 280) and clomid made me gain a solid 15ish lbs in the months that I took it. I did not change anything in terms of diet or anything while on clomid and now into HRT, so you can imagine I anticipated the weight loss would continue or least be able to get back to 208.

Anyway, hoping to not make this a dietary discussion. I know that the hormonal fluctuations have been a great factor. My wife and I do agree that my body composition has shifted quite a bit: my shoulders are bigger, waist is smaller, more overall manly/muscular physique but I'm a whooping 229! (Biggest I've ever been in my life).

My thought is: depending how these next labs come back, maybe I'd like to cut the HCG and anastrazole dose, and not keep chasing a high E2 with an AI. Fertility is a high priority as we'll be trying for a baby in the next 8-12 months, but overall I do feel like a big balloon right now despite making dietary changes and working out more. The last month on anastrazole 0.5mg every day has not helped change my weight whatsoever.

What do you guys think?

P.S.: I routinely monitor Hgb, lipids, thyroid panel, etc. All doing well.