Inflamed: The Debate Over the Latest Cure-All Craze

I would not normally source New Yorker Magazine, but it was a worth while read. I am still experiencing a unusual problem best described as Primary Cough Headache. This just means they did a MRI and can't find anything. Usually not that bad of a problem but if you have a hacking cough it is rough. I believe this is imflammation related but has been going on for 3.5 years. TRT has had a positive effect on it but it hasn't gone away yet.
it seems to me that like any health issue, people are unique. There is not a one-size-fits-all treatment for anything chronic. I think, why not try the diets first before more evasive treatments. At the very least, most of the diets will improve other health markers in the end. unfortunately diet changes often take so long for any results to confirm efficacy. I have been trying different diets. I have some inflammation and GI issues. I haven't had much luck yet. I have a appointment with a functional medicine doctor in January for some more insight.