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From sunny South Africa.
Low libido. Moodswings (according to my wife) Bit depression and feeling useless at running my business. Less energy for the day. Brainfog and forgetfullnes. Joint soreness after gym.
Weight oct 2017 was 316. Now 256. Height 5.1.
Started of just as keto and weight loss. Did bloodwork for thyroid actualy cause weight loss stalled for 1 month. Started hitt febr after 2years too lazy//tired for gym. Did tt and psa. Took bloodtests and started researching everything on it. Only then did I learn about low t when I checked my test against normal and optimal levels for my age. Made a lot of things fall in place for why and how i felt. First test was only total test @340.
Started suppl for nat test up. Potassium. Boron. Vit c. Vit d3. Q10. Omega 3. Probiotic for gut. Spirulina for iodine. Ashwaghanda. Horny goatweed. Think that all.
Medically on 10 mg daily of xarelto bloodthinner for previous dvt couple years ago. Apparently good for hermatocrit. Mine was 45 on bloodtest.
New tests and lot of study seems to steer me into trt as good option for circustances. Big stress on marraige as well.
Fasting glucose 5.1 (3.3-6.0)
S-chol 5.1 (<6)
Ldl pending
Hdl 1.2 (>1)
S-triglyceride 1.4 (<1.7)
Insulin fasting 8Uu/ml (2.6- 11.1)
Tsh 2.4 (.27 - 4.2)
Ft3 4.1 (2.62 - 5.7)
Ft4. 15. (10.6. -. 22)
E2. 73. (37 - 184)
Total t. 9.38 nmol/L. (9.9 - 27.8)
Free T 163.1. (174. - 729)
Shbg 39.66. (17.4. - 52.1)
Prolactin. 8.5. (3 - 14.7)
Homa 1.81. (.08 - 2)
Quicky 0.349. (>0.331)
All for now.
Thanx appreciate
I'm very surprised no one has responded to you. When I convert 9.38 nmol/L to ng/dL I get 270.538 ng/dL. That's a number I understand and if that's correct you are terribly low. Bet you feel like crap all the time as I've been there. Unfortunately I have no qualifications to make recommendations but there are some really smart folks here that can. Hopefully they will chime in soon and help you out.

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