Can Testosterone Induce Blood Clots and Thrombosis? Interview with Dr Charles Glueck

Age 58, I am not on TRT. My therapy for hormones the last several years consisted of Clomid and growth hormone peptides. Approx. 1 year ago I had injured my leg and subsequently developed a clot (popliteal vein). I was put on Xarelto, three months later the clot was gone and I got off the Xarelto. I had got off the Clomid when clot was diagnosed. When the clot cleared at some point I resumed Clomid and growth peptides. This past week I rapidly developed symptoms in the same spot and was diagnosed again with a DVT in the popliteal vein and was started on Eliquis, since I did not want the Xarelto again. Will be talking to my doc about more detailed testing. At this point I am blaming things on the original injury and the Clomid. I'm not telling my doc about the Clomid since he told me to stay off it. But I do think the estrogens it produces are probably partly at blame. Hopefully can get the tests recommended by Dr. Glueck to help figure this out.
Looking at studies post 2014 shows no correlation between trt use and thrombosis. Texas study in 2015, u.s. chest physicians study, etc etc. I feel like one study showing it's true is not enough to warrant such anxiety and fear. Technically there are more studies showing no correlation then there are showing correlation. Reminds me of the studies on weather trt induces heart attacks, there were one or two which led to fear in the media, later those studies were shown to be inconclusive.