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Telemedicine Services Excelmale

Publix Grocery Stores to Provide Telemedicine Services

BayCare Health System and Publix Super Markets are pairing up in the fast-changing area of telemedicine. Their product: convenience, as in going to the...
Hypogonadic Doctor

The Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadic Doctor, with Cryptorchidism

Hey there everyone. I've been debating posting on here for some time, only silently reading, but I decided that my story may not only help someone else in the future who is in a similar situation, but it may also help to show a different side of story, particularly since I'm a physician.
Drinking Water and Diabetes Excelmale

Drinking Water and Diabetes: An Association in One Canadian Province

Higher concentrations of arsenic and fluoride in the public drinking water supply in Newfoundland and Labrador may be associated with the high incidence of...
Affect Kidneys Excelmale

Can Testosterone Replacement Affect Kidneys?

A study done in rats showed that higher total and free testosterone blood levels produced by testosterone treatment were associated with higher creatinine and lower creatinine clearance
More Protein Exelmale

More Protein Did Not Increase LBM in Men on TRT or Not on TRT

The study was a 2 x 2 factorial design where older men were given 100 mg of testosterone a week or not and were...