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Welcome to, one of the largest and best-moderated testosterone forum on the Internet focused on increasing health, potency, and productivity in men who are considering or already on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).  With over 38,000 members (as of June 2019) that include educated men, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, exercise trainers, nutritional supplement experts, and other professionals in the field, ExcelMale is fast becoming a leader in the testosterone forum field. Our forum topics range from basics on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), how to manage TRT related side effects, Trimix injections use for ED, HCG use for better fertility and libido, estradiol management in men, thyroid function optimization, growth hormone peptide information, exercise routines, best supplements for men, high protein diets, mental health, HRT for women,  and much more. We also provide men’s health information via Interviews with experts, videos, and webinars. Last but not least, our members share their reviews of testosterone and hormone replacement clinics and doctors, compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical products, supplements, and much more. Our great moderators review every post daily to detect spammers or abuse, so ExcelMale is a safe environment for all men. And since every man wants to help important women in their lives, we do not neglect female health information as we include a folder called “ExcelFemale” to post the latest on HRT in women.

Whether you are new in your search or tired of visiting sites polluted with bogus anabolic steroid supplement ads, unmoderated forums with no enforced code of conduct and unsubstantiated health claims, the EXCELMALE team of men is here to help.

We believe that true synergy among people who want to maximize health only happens if everyone feels safe and supported in their exchanges. This synergy is the reason why we developed EXCELMALE as a safe platform where men can privately and securely share information and experiences about health and productivity. It is moderated daily for content and enforcement of a code of conduct by our senior team.

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Testimonials for members:

“ is the best testosterone forum available to access the latest, cutting edge men’s health information! There is a tremendous amount of information on this site, the mods are great, and there is a spirit among the men of a true desire to help each other out. Nelson, you and your mods have done a wonderful job.”  James

“Over the last week or so, I found this site. It has helped in my quest to figure out what is going on with me. By nature, when I see a problem or have one, I love to research it out. I have found this site a great place to start. The knowledge and information posted here by everyone have been very helpful in my quest. I love to read and listen to the people that have been there done that. Have also traveled the road that I am beginning. Sound advice and encouragement have been great.

Keep up the good work. I appreciate the moderators of their time and effort to educate us. Keep up the great work and ever quest of learning more about how we work and the quest in all of our successes.”  Mr. Clean

“My life, yes, my life, has been restored to me – or so it seems – because I am experiencing the effects of a well-managed TRT protocol. Had I not been reading the material found here I would have fallen into the black hole of an outdated scenario: 200mg injections of test enanthate every two weeks, no concern for E2 management, and no discussion of other hormones and their impact on my well-being. It was the knowledge I gained here that allowed me to sidestep that trap and wind up in the care of a doctor who knows what she (that’s right, she) is doing. In my last visit, she mentioned that I bring excellent questions and a depth of understanding to my situation. I owe that knowledge to this forum, both moderators and members.” Coastwatcher

“Nelson, the Moderators, and this site are Invaluable resources to guys either on TRT or looking to get on TRT. I have been on other TRT sites, but none of them seem to be truly dedicated – it’s like they do ___ AND TRT as opposed to TRT being the focus.

The reviews and recommendations of doctors, labs, compounding pharmacies are truly impressive, and in fact, I just switched TRT providers to Defy Medical, and I could not be more pleased.Huge Thumbs Up!” ERO

“As a new member to this site and a new patient of low T, the information and help I have received from this site have armed me with the knowledge I need to help my Dr. help me. Not to mention having a place to ask those questions that you may normally shy away from asking. The admin and members here treat every member as a friend, and if they do not have the answer you are looking for, they will take the time out of their day to find it or steer you in a direction to find the answer for yourself. Thank you, Nelson, moderators, and every member here who has taken time out of their day to give me peace of mind and knowledge. Thanks to this site, I now feel like I am not going into this blindly or alone.” Cody