This Site Has Been Instrumental in Restoring My Life

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My life, yes, my life, has been restored to me - or so it seems - because I am experiencing the effects of a well-managed TRT protocol. Had I not been reading the material found here I would have fallen into the black hole of an outdated scenario: 200mg injections of test enth every two weeks, no concern for E2 management, and no discussion of other hormones and their impact on my well-being. It was the knowledge I gained here that allowed me to sidestep that trap and wind up in the care of a doctor who knows what she (that's right, she) is doing. In my last visit she mentioned that I bring excellent questions and a depth of understanding to my situation. I owe that knowledge to this forum, both moderators and members.

Thank you, one and all.
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Nelson Vergel

Thank you so much, CoastWatcher!!

It is great for all of us on to know we make a difference.

Please pay it forward!

Gene Devine

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This is why for the last 6 years I've given my personal time, like Nelson, to help them get the right care.

Successes like this makes it all worth it.

Tell your Doc to join.

Happy for you my friend!


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What led me here was Nelson's book "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" and what was unbelievable this website is completely free.

Vettester Chris

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Good stuff, CW!! Glad your physician is receptive with you doing research. Too many of them just despise their patients seeking out knowledge beyond their offices.
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