Went to the Derm and Guess What She Recommended - Propecia

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So go to a dermatologist to get a full body skin check. She looks at back of my head and sees that I am................losing my hair. Whew that was hard to say. She asks how long has that been going on, I respond about 4 years now. Doc says how about a script of Propecia. You take 1 mg per day and it will help you from losing any further hair and may help grow some back. I recall reading on this site and in some of the books on T that Propecia can have some significant side effects. I tell the doc that I've heard about some side effects. Doc responds that she has only had 1 older male patient complain about impotence after taking it but his situation could be more of a mind thing versus a result of the medicine. She goes on to say that only 2% of patients have an issue with Propecia and issues resolve after stopping the medicine. Now here comes the kicker, she then encourages me to do some research but suggests I do not read blogs but instead go to the Propecia website to learn more about the medication. I have to tell you she really does a great job selling the benefits of the drug. I can only imagine how many people she convinces to take the medication.
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