Up to 2% of cancers may be caused by medical imaging

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["A National Institute of Cancer study estimated that up to 2% of cancers are caused by medical imaging"]

A story published by USAToday, which lacks citations, cautions us about overzealous testing and ill-advised procedures. It can kill us, cause anxiety, bankrupt us and ultimately implode our system of health care delivery. Many have arrived on these pages after receiving inadequate testing and management of hormone therapy. As some of you know, after having received vastly different results from tubes drawn exactly at the same moment my confidence in serum testing is no longer what it once was.

Widely diverse notions exist as to what the "ideal" levels of free T or estradiol are. There remains no consensus, only theories. When it comes to the risks of medical imaging, x-ray, CT, dexiscan and MRI with contrast dye I wish to emphasize: weigh the risk against the possible benefit. If a fracture, lump or mass is actually detected what next? It may surprise you to know that your physician or surgeon is well aware in advance of the procedure that no active intervention will follow no matter the result. Minor fractures are left to heal on their own. A kidney mass detected gives you the option of a) excising a functional kidney out of an abundance of caution, or , b) subjecting yourself to endless MRI with heavy metal gadnolinium dye until you finally do get a cancer diagnosis. Veinapuncture is not a risk-free procedure. It is clear that many HRT patients do not allow sufficient time for their body to adjust to therapy. I'm not going to advocate what others need to do or not do, only share my experience that only time, experimentation and careful observation of symptoms over under-over dosing got me where I feel I need to be not obsessive serum testing. One thing proven by labs and blood pressure monitoring in my case is that labs and clinics were actually the cause of dangerously high blood pressure. The last three years of 32 years of regular lab testing have manged to instill in me an extreme stress reaction at the mere thought of dealing with laboratories. This is acquired. I suspect that one day soon the fraud and incompetence of companies such as Labcorp will be in the national spotlight.

I regret allowing myself to being strong-armed in to each and every medical imaging procedure I have ever been subjected to save a handful of dental x-rays and one required to set a bone. No CT or Dexiscan or MRI with toxic contrast dye has ever resulted in any improved medical outcome or any alteration to treatment. When it comes to sensitive data such as serum testosterone readers are cautioned to pay attention to developing stories such as the interest by DEA in creating a national surveillance of patients by name and residence, for the rest of their lives, such as the government has managed to push through with HIV antibody status.
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