Surprising study links frequent nigh time urination with low testosterone

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Nelson Vergel

Nocturnal polyuria and decreased serum testosterone: Is there an association in men with lower urinary tract symptoms?

International Journal of Urology. 28 Nov 2013

To investigate the putative association between nocturia and decreased serum testosterone in men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

Frequency volume charts and serum testosterone levels of patients visiting the outpatient clinic for lower urinary tract symptoms were collected and analyzed. Age, prostate volume, body mass index and the presence of comorbidities were accounted for. Frequency volume charts were analyzed for pathophysiological components of nocturnal polyuria, global polyuria, decreased nocturnal bladder capacity and increased frequency to identify associated risks. Frequency volume charts were also used to chart 8-h changes of volume, frequency and capacity to identify time diurnal interactions with risk factors based on serum testosterone levels.

A total of 2180 patients were enrolled in the study. Multivariate analysis showed testosterone decreased 0.142 ng/mL for every increase in nocturia, independent of other factors. Logistic regression analysis showed a significant difference between pathophysiological components. Decreased testosterone was shown to carry a significant independent risk for overall nocturia (odds ratio 1.60, 95% confidence interval 1.013–2.527, P = 0.044), and particularly nocturnal polyuria (odds ratio 1.934, 95% confidence interval 1.001–3.737, P = 0.027). Repeated measurement models showed patients with serum testosterone below 2.50 ng/mL (250 ng/dL) to have a paradoxical increase in nocturnal urine volume at night.

Nocturia, especially nocturnal polyuria (frequent night time urination), is associated with decreased serum testosterone. Patients with low serum testosterone show increased nocturnal urine output.
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Interesting. I wonder how many of those in the study had high blood sugar. Before I found out that I was diabetic; I was going at least 3 times a night if not more.
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