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Hello all! I just turned 50 and just started on TRT 100ml Cyp weekly.
I'm four weeks in and feeling better, but adding weight.

I've had issues with low calorie weight gain for years, and hoped it was my low T. Healthy diet, between 1300 and 1800 calories a day, up to 2300 some days. About 10 pounds up, but that's on top of the 10 I was already up, which was about 15 over my goal of 185 (5'9"). Thyroid is fine, thanks for asking.

I read here some folks retain fluid, and muscles will as we work them harder, which is to the point of TRT. I've not noticed my pants that much tighter since I started, but not exactly comfortable. I'm at a gym with a lot of old pros who have good advice about diet, especially carbs.

I have a follow-up with my urologist on 7/12, so I'm hoping 1) My T levels are back in the acceptable range and 2) he has something in mind to reduce my weight and belly fat.

Thanks for listening!
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Welcome to ExcelMale. It is common for some men to gain weight when first starting TRT. When you do labs why don't you post them. It would make it easier to have a discussion.
We're glad you joined EM. How long have you been on your protocol? Where did your estradiol stand when you initiated therapy? Was it measured via the sensitive (LC, MS/MS) lab test? Was your thyroid fully evaluated (beyond the TSH test)?
Good move joining Excelmale.

Unless SHBG is super high, you may want to consider injecting more than once weekly to maintain steady hormone levels. You may even be able to lower your estrogen and drop some of that weight if it's estrogen related. SHBG levels will guide dosing and injection frequency.

Almost everyone gains weight in the beginning of starting TRT, muscles are growing, your body will reach a new balance in the months to come. We often hear new members tell us thyroid is fine because doctors say so, often doctors have no idea what fine looks like on paper. Insurance doctors typically follow these reference ranges and bow to the God of normal that have many people within them who are symptomatic and experiencing hypothyroid symptoms.

Don't subscribe to the God of normal, you can have a dysfunctional thyroid when thyroid hormones appear normal.
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