Raised lump on Glute 3 days after injection - Abscess?

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I have a small, half-golf ball sized lump that just appeared on my outer glute 3 days after an injection.

It's about 1/2 inch below the injection site, but not directly over it.

The area is warm to touch and slightly red. It's sore to touch or sore if I stretch my glute, but it's not overly painful.

I have no fever.

Will likely go to the doctor in the morning to get it checked, curious if anyone's experienced anything similar?
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I haven't, it sure sounds like you have an infection. I hope you get well fast, keep us posted. I keep my alcohol wipes well-stocked, hopefully avoiding an infection.
I have had that once. I inject into the abdomen SQ and sometimes get little bumps that take a few days to go away. The time i had the larger lump it showed all the signs of an abscess that I could find online except for fever. Same as you described...reddish color, warm to the touch and mine was not real painful but was sensitive. It did go away on its own suggesting it was not an abscess but its better to play it safe and get it checked.
FYI I am fairly obsessive about my handling of the syringe, Test and cleaning the area well.
I'll second the infection. I'd go get it looked at today and not wait the typical 2 week to get into your PCP. Most big grocery stores these days have a clinic.
Went to the Doc, she wasn't 100% sure but said it looks like cellulitis and gave me some prednisolone to stop the inflammation and advised to come back and start a course of antibiotics in a few days if it gets worse.

She wasn't sure but thought it could possibly be from using a short needle and not injecting deep enough into the muscle (I use a 1/2 inch in glute) or possibly an irritation from not letting alcohol swab dry.

She also said it was quite firm and didn't feel like an abscess would.

Will see how it feels in a few days.
The only needle length I've used for 3 year has been a 1/2". Personally I don't think it's from the length, it's only my opinion.
The only needle length I've used for 3 year has been a 1/2". Personally I don't think it's from the length, it's only my opinion.

Yes I gather Dr's love their long harpoons for IM injections :)

Good news, I took some prednisolone and Ibuprofen last night and thankfully I've woken up today and the lump is 75% gone along with most of the pain /redness. It's still a little sensitive but I probably wouldn't notice it if it wasn't for the day before. Guessing it was just some irritation.
You don't have an infection, your injection wasn't deep enough. You likely used a 5/8 needle and in your glutes you should use a minimum 1 inch needle. That golfball is a pool of oil that never made it to the muscle. @ things I've learned about butt shots, or anywhere for that matter. Heat the oil under hot water before you inject, and massage the entry point after you inject.
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