Oximeter And Sleep Apnea

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For those of you that are interested in sleep apnea, how bad or good is this? I never feel really refreshed after sleep. Any knowledgeable input or experience is welcome.


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I use the one that I recommended on here years ago. I think you liked it and got one yourself. The wellue I believe is the brand.

Start out on my back and move to my side. When I'm on my back I'll snore. On my side I don't. The oximeter wakes me up and reminds me to turn to my side.

So in your opinion these drops aren't going to have a substantial effect on how I feel during the day?


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If your insurance will cover it, have a sleep study done. I was diagnosed with complex sleep apnea 10 years ago. I now have high end BiPap machine. It made a world of difference.


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When I did my sleep study back in 2012 I had a 78% SPO2 during sleep. My sleep score was 54%. Using the CPAP in the study my sleep score jumped to 76% and SPO2 jumped to 96%. Big difference for me over the years. My wife used to be scared to death when I slept because I would stop breathing and almost flop around in bed.


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It seems like the general consensus is that my charts off the oximeter are pretty good. Must be something else, like my deep sleep. This is a pretty average night for me here. About 45 minutes of deep sleep. Seems really low.


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I've had two sleep studies and in both had the most awful, restless sleep and barely much of it and yet not diagnosed with apnea, despite the fact that the tech said I was snoring.


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Which one do you use? Your low drops seem to happen early on. But your score looks good. Are you a snorer? Do you sleep on your side ?
Hey Guys! I have Sleep Apnea, can not sleep without my machine so I pretty used to it. Should I be using an Oxometer? If so which one? Im pretty loyal to the site. If always SOLID. THANKS!!


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You don't have to use an Oxometer. However, most good fitness watches have those features built in. I use the Fitbit Charge 5 and it is as accurate as the one my doctor uses.


Your 02 desaturation (<90%) is minimal, so it is unlikely any symptoms are caused by OSA. Nonetheless, an oximeter would provide you with immediate, clear-cut monitoring. I use this one every night and it connects via bluetooth to my phone app and desktop software. But I have moderate OSA and am on both 02 + CPAP.


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I have the same you as both of you. Works great for sleep but never considered wearing it for exercise.

I think my issue really is just deep sleep. Sometimes I don't get any at all. The days that I do happen to get 1.5 hours I feel fucking fantastic. I've always struggled with sleep but I have a feeling trt exacerbates that issue a little.
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