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Hi all, my wife (33) was on HRT to the tune of 7mg Test P pinned EOD for about 18 months or so. She was at the absolute bottom of the TT and FT range when tested prior to HRT.

While things were good on this protocol, she had some wild hair that made her feel it was best to stop. To my surprise she did not tell me until a few weeks after the fact. Do me a favor and leave the "why" alone in that.

Strangely, her sex drive improved dramatically for the better part of a month afterwards. I mean, we were quite sexually active while she was on HRT, but her orgasm intensity and quantity thereof went up significantly after stopping HRT... More than had ever been there even prior to treatment.
Being the gentleman I am, I didn't see a need to intervene outside of my recommendation to have her take DHEA capsules every day to help stimulate testosterone and estrogen production.

Things were fine but we did hit an odd spot a couple weeks ago when it became very difficult for her to reach orgasm. A difficulty we have never experienced. I would have anticipated some sort of problems like this much earlier on in her cessation of treatment as it was Test P, but no such thing happened until about 6 weeks post-cessation.
It looks like that has mostly cleared up now, but it is odd and I don't feel right not getting some answers. I read through some of the stickies here but either I missed it or cannot find it.

My understanding of female PCT is that it varies dependent on the individual - far moreso than in males - and the best way to tell how to PCT is to run blood tests. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

What resources are available to help educate me in this?
Can someone share a link if it's already mentioned elsewhere?
What hormone tests should be run, if any?

Thank you in advance.
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