Craving carbs since starting TRT?

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Hey guys, started TRT 6 weeks ago. Before that, I was on a strict ketogenic diet, <20-30g carbs / day, often less. Lost 18kg / 40pounds and went down from 98kg to 80kg - relatively easily, since I'm usually more a "salty" than a "sweet" guy.

Now ever since I've started TRT, I'm fighting daily to hold myself back to NOT jump onto that cake my wife is baking with the kids, or to NOT go ahead and munch a super-size bowl of cereals.

I've gained 2kg rather quickly after starting TRT - that might be water.
My body fat scale says that I'm actually still dropping fat and gaining muscle (despite my weight gain), but I'm really struggling with the cravings.

Any idea why that is? And: What to do about it? Before TRT, my sugar/sweet/carb cravings were pretty much gone....
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When I first started trt my hunger and weight did go up. I also follow the healthy low carb diet, I didn't start eating carbs but I did increased by fat intake. After a few months the extra pounds did come off and my appetite went back to normal.
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